About Us

Momentus - Trusted Team of Bookkeepers

Momentus Services specializes in bookkeeping for small businesses in the Vancouver Lower Mainland. We are comprised of a team of experienced and passionate individuals who have worked with small businesses in the Vancouver Lower Mainland for many years and understand how to deliver results.

Our Clients

Our clients include businesses of various sizes that operate in [NTD please fill in: consumer services, travel, professional services, restaurant, manufacturing, etc.] industries. Most of our clients have operations in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, or New Westminster. Our team focuses on companies in Vancouver because we have a strong understanding of the local business culture, so we can better serve our clients.

Our Team

The Momentus Team is comprised of individuals who are highly experienced in the accounting and bookkeeping professions. Our team collectively has decades of experience in performing various accounting and bookkeeping services in various capacities for local businesses. Bookkeeping is tedious and repetitive and requires good judgement and skills to consistently deliver accurate results. The depth and breadth of our experience is what set us apart in our ability to understand how our clients’ businesses operate, and the implications of various financial transactions. This is how we deliver accurate and timely bookkeeping services for our clients.

Going the Extra Mile

At Momentus, we go the extra mile. Typical bookkeeping services just make sure the entries is input into the ledger. But we take it a step further – we help you make better business decisions by digging into the numbers and presenting the financial data in an organized and timely manner. Ultimately, this is what sets us apart from other bookkeeping services and why our clients are choosing to stay with Momentus Services.

Whether you are a newly founded startup or an established business, we can help.