Free Initial Consultations

You may be completely overwhelmed, looking for help and do not know where to start. Or everything is running smoothly, but you are looking to free up time from bookkeeping to do more important things. Or you are curious and want to learn more how us and figure out how we can help you.

No matter what situation you or your business is in, Momentus Services is here to listen and help. We offer a free, no-obligation 30-minute meeting or phone call with one of our team members, specially selected to fit your business and situation. Let’s get to know each other. Added bonus for in-person meeting: coffee is on us.

Catch-up Project

Often times, you are busy and bookkeeping becomes an afterthought. If you let bookkeeping slip, unprocessed transactions will continue to pile up and you will fall behind.  Falling behind on your bookkeeping can be a serious issue, more so when it leads to the penalty for late filing.

At Momentus, we have a dedicated team and sufficient human resources to handle large workloads in short periods of time, so you can catch up with your bookkeeping. We understand that you may have tight deadlines and will work hard towards meeting your goals. Over the years, we have handled many of these situations and so we understand what you need to get you back on your feet when it comes to getting you caught up within a short period of time.

Monthly Services


You are reading this because debit and credit are not things that excite you. Spending hours trying to figure out why things do not balance or why your cash accounts do not reconcile is not how you want to spend your Sunday nights. You want to spend more time on getting more customers, designing your products, or being with your family. That’s okay, we don’t blame you! Bookkeeping is something every business has to do, but it does not mean you have to do it yourself. 

At Momentus Services, we do all the bookkeeping. We will take all the materials you provide, make the proper bookings and entries, and create financial reports for you. Trust us, and you will never ever have to worry about bookkeeping ever again. 

Access to the Mo-Team

Bookkeeping is a complicated process and you want to be able to speak directly with the people who are doing your bookkeeping. It might be because you want accounts setup a certain way. Or bills came late and you need to fix something.

Things happen and we get that. A dedicated bookkeeping team will be assigned to you there is a designated contact who knows your business well and can offer solutions and fixes quickly. Your requests will not get lost within our organization. Our monthly service includes ability to call or email your bookkeeper at anytime. We will get back to you right away.

Monthly Financial Statements

Business owners and managers need monthly financial statements to run their businesses. Being able to close month-end in a timely fashion is important as you are waiting for the financial information to understand how the business is doing and to make key decisions.

At Momentus Services, we understand the importance of monthly financial statements to every business. Complete and accurate monthly financial statements is a key deliverable for our bookkeeping services and we will deliver it to you in a timely fashion.

Payroll Support

Payroll involves figuring out the correct amounts to pay out, deduct and withhold for each individual. Payroll for employees and contractors typically occur once every two weeks and can be highly time consuming for any company. Again, this is a time sink that takes your attention away from building your business.

Our highly skilled professionals at Momentus Services are here to help. Our staff is well versed in calculations involving Employment Insurance, Canadian Pension Plan, and income tax withholdings and other payroll related matters. We can help you determine the proper amounts to pay your staff in a timely and accurate manner.

Year End Support

Year end often entails extra workload for you and your staff. There is closing the books for the year and having to complete the tax filings. Accounts need to be cleaned up, major accruals need adjustments, so on. Your tax accountant may be rushing you for information and files that you don’t even have. (Depending on your corporation’s fiscal year end date, your corporate tax filings are due soon after your personal tax filings.)

You time is limited; you should never let bookkeeping issues disrupt your business. Step up your game by subscribing to our bookkeeping services. Our staff will help you through such difficult times so you can stay on top of things and focus on your business. In addition to regular monthly tasks, we will assist you with special requests so you can get through your year end.

CRA Correspondence / Audit Support

The CRA may inquire about certain issues and request a large amount of documents by correspondence. The list of items being requested may entail a large amount of data over a long period of time. The process of obtaining and preparing the data is often time consuming. Accuracy and speed is important in this situation.

As part of our bookkeeping services, we will provide you support by looking up and preparing the data to fulfill such requests in a timely fashion. CRA inquiries and audits can span over a long period of time. Our team is here to ensure that you are adequately covered so you can fulfill CRA’s requirements while minimizing the disruption to your normal work schedule.

CPA's Buddy (Accountants Looking for Help)

Busy Tax Season

For all accountants, the tax season is never friendly. (It’s probably the worse time of the year.) You got hard deadlines on your head and many clients to service. Deadlines are slipping, and your stress levels are through the roof. We get that. Even worse, your clients may compound your headache with late information, missing statements, wrong files, accounts that do not balance, December month-end not closed, and so on.

Our team can help through such troubled times. We can help sort through issues to save you time and ease your workload, so you can breathe again. You can now focus on your client’s tax issues to ensure you made the correct tax treatment. Simply send your clients’ books our way and we will take the load off your shoulders.

Long-Term Partnership

Your accounting practice may be growing rapidly. You may be short staffed due to recent departures or staffing changes. You may be looking to improve your lifestyle by optimizing your workload. You may realize a lot of your time is dealing with issues caused by client’s subpar bookkeeping practices. In any of the above cases, we are here to help.

The Momentus Services team is a group of professionals trained in accounting and bookkeeping with many years of experience. We will adapt to the way you run your practice. We can start with a few cases and if you like our work (which we are sure you will), we can expand our engagement to assist you on more files in the long term. We can design a long-term service offering tailored to fit your business needs. Also, client confidentiality is crucial – you and your client’s information is safe with us.

Don’t be shy! We are here to help. Leave us your contact information and we will reach out.